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Color Converter

Long-life stone coloring system

Category:  Stone Color
Packing: 12kg, 25kg, 200kg




Samrat’s Color Converter solves all color related issues faced by stone fabricators. Since no two stones are alike and aesthetic appeal varies from one end user to another, fabricators struggle to produce even a single lot of consistent quality.

Color Converter is a high penetration, long-life stone coloring system that can:

  • enhance and darken the color of a stone,
  • phase out the color variations of a stone, and
  • even entirely alter the appearance of a stone!

Unlike other products on the market that form a thin opaque film on the stone surface, Color Converter’s unique formulation allows it to color the stone surface while also preserving its unique texture and patterns.

Samrat’s Color Converter is a must for any stone fabricator. Let the stone be your canvas!


Available Colors: Black, Blue, Brown, Classic Brown, Classic Red, Dark Blue, Dark Brown, Golden Brown, Golden Yellow, Green, Maroon, Orange Red, Red, Reddish Brown, Silver, Violet, Yellow, Z-Black

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