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Crack Extender

Transparent surface-repairing coating

Category:  Clear Coating
Packing: 15kg (10 + 5), 30kg (20 + 10), 300kg (200 + 100)




Samrat’s Crack Extender is a low-cost solution for filling and repairing pinholes, fissures, hair thin cracks and large cracks that deteriorate a stone’s appearance. Crack Extender is suitable for fabricators who want to repair stone surface deformities and/or want to preserve the natural look and color of a stone. It is a completely clear coating that does not impart a wet look impression on the surface.

If the fabricator is dealing with a particularly damaged stone with numerous cracks and holes, a coating of Crack Extender before grinding and one to two coatings after grinding can repair almost all surface defects. 

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