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Epoxy Resin 301

Colored resin system for high throughput fabricators

Category:  Colored Coating
Packing: 12kg (9 + 3), 20kg (15 + 5), 266.6kg (200 + 66.6)




Samrat’s Epoxy Resin 301 is a single remedy for many common problems faced by stone fabricators. All that a fabricator must do is pick a color and this resin system will do the rest. Epoxy Resin 301:

  • Enhances the color of the stone,
  • Smoothens out color variations within the stone,
  • Fills and repairs: pinholes, fissures, hair thin cracks and larger cracks,
  • Provides a post-polish finish with extreme shine and gloss
  • Preserves the natural texture of the stone

Epoxy Resin 301’s multifaceted functionality allows the user to achieve high throughput while maintaining a consistent quality of the finished product.


Available Colors: Black, Brown, Classic Brown

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