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More Glow Super

Colored resin system for top-of-the line mirror like polish

Category:  Colored Coating
Packing: 12kg (9 + 3), 20kg (15 + 5), 266.6kg (200 + 66.6)




Samrat’s More Glow is a proprietary formulation that can be used to achieve top-of-the-line, mirror-like polish with no match whatsoever.

Due to its low viscosity, More Glow penetrates deep within the stone giving the surface a wet-look impression and imparts mirror like reflective properties to the polished stone surface.

With More Glow you get a variety of colors to choose from that can be used for color matching, imparting desired color shade to the stone surface or for enhancing the natural color of a stone.


Available Colors: Black, Brown, Orange Red, Red, Reddish Brown

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